Community Collaboration: Intersections and Partnerships Creating Conversations

Location: Jepson 122
Date: Fri, April 26
Time: 5:55 PM - 6:15 PM

KSPS, Gonzaga's MATESOL and Spokane Public Schools have collaborated to develop resources for educational and community use. As part of the MATESOL component of this partnership, this presentation shares intersections of community, university, and community resources with how collaboration creates space for learning and community throughout the process.

Three community partners have collaborated for the last one and a half years in developing resources for educational and community use. KSPS, Spokane's local PBS affiliate, has partnered with Gonzaga's School of Education MATESOL and Spokane Public Schools to develop learning guides for regional documentaries in the KSPS collection. Learning guides have been created for the documentaries. The segments that the documentaries have been dissected into, are scaffolded, provide suggested activities in addition to connections to current events or local places. English Language Learner (ELL) considerations are also present or suggested. The process is collaborative as each partner in this project is integral in the design of the guides. By utilizing the resources each partner brings! to the project, the goal of making content accessible and encouraging community awareness among educators and learners makes the project much more dynamic and meaningful. Collaboration encourages conversations and ideas that lead to relevant projects such as this community partnership creating not only practical resources but develops language and community awareness. As part of the MATESOL component of this partnership, engaging with the community to create the learning guides modeled the communicative and collaborative practices found within the program. This presentation seeks to share the intersection of community entities such as a university and a community resource and how encouraging collaboration creates space for learning, conversation, and community at all stages of the process.