From Miami, with Love

Location: Jepson 122
Date: Sat, April 27
Time: 1:10 PM - 1:30 PM

I am currently working on my first book, From Miami, with Love. It is a novel based on true events of my life story that focuses on overcoming life's darkest challenges by finding the light within. Read my full story and follow along as I go from victim to victor when the complete book is released, for this presentation I will be going over the writing process and how to find resources and a writing network to meet the very personal goal of sharing your story through book publishing.

This presentation is not research based, it is a presentation on how the DPLS program inspired me to share my story of adversity, growing up to a criminal father in Miami, Florida during the 1980s. I have begun the journey of drafting my story into a novel, one that will tell my story of trauma, tragedy and triumph. The presentation will detail the key points of the story and personal leadership message that I hope to communicate through the manuscript, and the writing process itself. I will dedicate the last part of the presentation to providing resources and how to develop a network to support the writing goal, and share the mistakes and wins I have made along the way. The manuscript is still a work in progress, however I believe my presentation can be an inspiration to others who might be thinking about sharing their story, much like I was years ago while attending the class, Servant Leadership.