Insights from East L.A. Social Entrepreneurs

Location: Jepson 120
Date: Fri, April 26
Time: 5:35 PM - 5:55 PM

Research will be conducted through interviews with residents in the LA community and the organizations that serve them. The history, challenges, and solutions implemented in the LA community will be explored in this presentation.

Guiding Questions: What unique factors of the LA community shape the social entrepreneurship currently taking place there and vice versa? What are the common elements central to different examples of social entrepreneurship in LA and what differentiates their endeavors? What are the feedback structures that different ventures have with the communities they serve and how does that feedback influence their business adaptations? These questions will be informed through the time we spend in the Boyle Heights, Homeboy, and Skid Row communities. The purpose of asking these questions is to understand the complex, intersectional variables that both contribute to the problems in these areas and may hold the secret to solving them. By learning about social problems in the LA area, we may be able to find commonalities to solving the problems experienced in the Spokane community.