Leadership Trust Building Diagram

Location: Jepson 124
Date: Sat, April 27
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:10 AM

Do you want to improve any personal or professional relationships? Do you want to improve certain areas with in your self or life? Would you like to build your leadership skills, develop better relationships with your employees or increase organizational profitability? In this workshop we learn about Theory U, Servant Leadership, and Referent Power. We then look at four subcomponents associated with these three subjects that can help further develop trust, which can lead to more self-confidence, improving relationships, enhancing organizational profit and can improve the leader and follower relationship. After our discussion, we will do a couple of workbook exercises.

The Leadership Trust diagram consists of three components: Theory U, servant leadership, and referent power. Within these three components are four interrelated subcomponents that may develop trust between leader and followers in an organizational setting. As an individual goes through Theory U , he or she applies the first subcomponent of mindfulness to develop intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship benefits that nurture trust. The second component of the diagram is servant leadership, and its two subcomponents, empathetic listening and empowerment, also aid in developing trust through empathy, listening, and commitment to the growth of others. The third component of the diagram is referent power, and its subcomponent, value congruence, also aids in developing trust. Literature shows that developing trust between leader and followers promotes better individual, organizational and team performance, and the subcomponents presented in the Leadership Trust diagram propose a means to further develop that trust. In this interactive workshop we practice a couple of exercises that can help with self-improvement, building relationships, trust building, and building your leadership skills.

Interactive Workshop