Restorative Justice: An Adaptive Leadership Approach

Location: Jepson 120
Date: Fri, April 26
Time: 5:55 PM - 6:15 PM

Every human being goes through struggles at some point in time in their life. However, we all handle then differently. Among different cultures, individuals face different struggles. With our trip to East LA, we wanted to discover if the adaptive leadership framework of the productive zone of disequilibrium would apply to the incredible people we met in this place. By listening to people's stories, we aim to find what problems apply to East LA and what causes resilience in these communities.

The purpose of our project is to use the framework from Adaptive Leadership of the productive zone of disequilibrium and see if this model is followed by resilient stories of those individuals we meet in LA. Although the adaptive leadership model is used for productivity and creating adaptive solutions to complex problems, we are wondering if that can be seen in one's life journey as well. Key questions: -Does facing struggles early on in your life tend to make you more of an adaptive leader? Or does it lead to other forms of leadership? -What are the adaptive/complex problems individuals face that require more than a technical solution? -What motivates someone to keep going, which often results in resilience?