Dr. Nyasha GuramatunhuCooper photo

Dr. Nyasha GuramatunhuCooper

Leadership in a Global Society: Knowledge of People, Places, Things, and Events
Keynote Speaker

Dr. Nyasha M. GuramatunhuCooper is Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies at Kennesaw State University. Nyasha was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and the country‚Äôs social, cultural, and historical background features heavily in her Leadership Studies scholarship. As a Leadership Studies educator, Nyasha prizes exploration of non-Western contexts of leadership (particularly in African spaces), as well as the connection between leadership and cultural and social contexts. Additionally, Nyasha's teaching focuses on developing intercultural competence and global mindset in leadership education. Recognized for excellence in teaching, research, and service at Kennesaw State University, Nyasha has been honored as a recipient of the University College Distinguished Faculty Award, as well as the Kennesaw State Foundation Early Career Faculty Award.